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Sunday, 26 June 2016

26 June 2016. Are Westminster and the Upper Middles Getting Ready to “Nullify” the Referendum?

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The Brexit… a step into an unknown and stirred-up future…


David Lammy, a Labour backbencher from Tottenham, floated the proposal that Westminster defy the results of the referendum and nullify it. If such were to happen, many of the adverse effects of the Brexit would DEEPEN. It’d guarantee victory to pro-independence referenda in Scotland and Wales, and even bring about an all-Irish union. It’s too late to stuff it back into the box as though it didn’t happen. However, do note that the Upper Middle poodles of the Establishment drool with glee at the chance of defying the people. The Establishment and the Upper Middles HATE the working class… do look at the last 30 years… my point is proven, I’d say. However… they forgot that the proles outnumber them…



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