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Sunday, 26 June 2016

26 June 2016. The Real Old School in Operation…

00 holy communion. russia. 21.04.15


Years ago, someone challenged an old-line old-school émigré priest when he gave a gay person communion. He hissed, (strong Russian accent) “If you do not like what I did, you go to bishop!” The “bishop” was Archbishop Averky Taushev, and he stood behind his priest. Reality is more complex and “grey” than the fictions passed by the konvertsy rigorists. Can you believe that they’re now saying that Vladyki Averky approved of Rose’s shenanigans in California (and that Rose was a disciple of Averky)? We won’t get anywhere until we deal with the liars and poseurs amongst us. Not all who shout, “Lord, Lord!” will win the Kingdom of Heaven. Do remember WHO said that…



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