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Sunday, 3 July 2016

3 July 2016. Animal Funnies… Did You Bring Me My Nuts?

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3 July 2016. Mosaics Found in Church of the Nativity in Palestine

An Angel

Master Basilius

12th century

Church of the Nativity and the Pilgrimage Route

Bethlehem (Bethlehem Governorate). STATE OF PALESTINE


In 2012, urgent repairs began in the Church of the Nativity. Mostly, it concerned the roof, but restorers found medieval mosaics using modern sensors to detect temperature differences between plaster and glass on the walls. Note well that the icon is similar to New Roman mosaic icons in Ravenna, Monreale, and Palermo… and to contemporaneous work in Constantinopolis Nea Romana, which is implicit evidence pointing to a New Roman provenance for Master Basilius, the artist… if not that, it points to training in a New Roman atelier. This mosaic is nearly a thousand years old… it looks like the artist did it yesterday.

Old Rome fell to the axes of the barbarians… Constantinopolis Nea Romana fell to the cannon of the infidel Turk… Moscow is the Third Rome, and a Fourth there never shall be.

Make no mistake on it… Constantinopolis Nea Romana, the Second Rome, left us a tremendous legacy. However… it isn’t what it was. Muslim prayer echoed in Agia Sofia recently… a symbol of its fall. In 1448, the baton passed to Moscow when the Ecumenical Patriarch and Emperor spat on the Church at the Pseudo-Council of Ferrara-Firenze. Yes… when Isidor commemorated the Pope of Rome in Moscow, the Grand Prince arrested him, tossed him in the slam, but allowed him to escape to Catholic Poland after a spell in the clink. You see, the baton passed not at the fall of the City to the Turk, but when the Church and Emperor spat on the Lord Christ with their Pseudo-Unia.

Be careful with all those caterwauling about the Cretan “Council”… after all, the Phanar allowed papists and other heterodox to be part of the meeting. They’re up to old tricks, I’m afraid. The Centre is still standing tall…


3 July 2016. These Premises are Guarded by the Attack Cat

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Here’s Some TRUTH on U S Grant

01 I Love a Hater


On 20 April 1871, US President Ulysses S Grant sent federal troops to the south to smash the Ku Klux Klan. It’s worth noting that at the very time Grant sent troops to the south, across the ocean, Paris was under the control of the Communards. Grant was amazingly progressive. He not only sent soldiers to protect freed slaves, but also repeatedly blocked settlements in the west to protect Native Americans. I’m currently reading his personal memoirs, a great work of literature. In his reflections on the Mexican-American War, he accurately describes the war as a “conspiracy to acquire territory” for slaveholders in which Texas was “stolen” from Mexico. There are many very revolutionary and progressive people in the history of the USA. People who seriously want to have an impact on US society should become familiar with them.

2 July 2016

Caleb Maupin



Remember U S Grant’s words about slaveholders when you hear the gun nutter crowd caterwaul. Many of them are descendants of slavers or of those who bore arms for the slaver Confederacy. The Confederacy was so wedded to the evil of human bondage that it threw away its only chance for national survival to preserve slavery. Britain promised that if the CSA abolished slavery, the Royal Navy would break the blockade (at least, for British-registry vessels). However, the Confederates loved human bondage more than they loved independence. Ponder that whenever you hear the righties speak on anything…

They preferred national death to abolishing slavery. They felt “niggers” beneath them then… they still do. However, they’re better than Liberals are. Conservatives, at least, are open haters. Liberals want to keep coloured folk on the “Plantation” and subservient to Uncle Charlie. The Conservatives offer the lash… but the Liberals want a set of Happy Darkie Step n’ Fetchits to tell them how good they are. The former are cruel, but they only hurt the body… the latter are far crueller, for they rape the soul. Do think on that…


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