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Saturday, 9 July 2016

9 July 2016. It’s Not Just Dallas… It’s Not Just “Black Lives Matter”… It’s the SYSTEM

00 Andy Marlette. And Jesus Said Unto Them. 2016

The killing will NOT stop until we come to grips with and destroy the Antichristian evil called “conservatism”… “Woe to those who call good ‘evil’ and evil ‘good'”… no one who approves of the “enlightened selfishness” called “Capitalism” can call themselves a Christian… until we replace the present greed-laden Raptor Market with something more just, the killings will just go on, and on, and on…


It’s a convoluted and complex mess, so it’s too early for any of us to comment yet. It started when Zimmerman deserved prison as a vigilante… but the local police PROTECTED him and covered up his illegal use of a weapon (to kill, no less). Local cops up here told me that if anyone breaks the “Blue Wall”, they’re scrod forever… however, most cops aren’t punks, but all cops are paying for the punks. There’s a lot of shit to go around…

There’s a gigantic shit sandwich on the table and everybody has to take a big bite.

However, I do smell provocateurs… some people would LOVE to profit off this disastrous mess…

It’s time to clean up the dysfunctional system that brought this on. The country’s been on a wrong course since the time of Slobberin’ Ronnie. The duopoly offers no way out… both Chilly Hilly and Trump the Chump want the present unregulated casino crapitalism to continue. Vote for Bernie if he runs… vote for Jill if he punks out and kisses Chilly Hilly’s ass…



9 July 2016. Further Adventures in Translation Land

00 putin russia soda 070716


The literal translation of Не лей колу в рот! Выпей бабушкин компот! is “Don’t put cola in your mouth! Drink Grandma’s Compote!” is just jangly and no damned good as a catchy jingle (as it is in Russian). Therefore, my Englishing of this sentiment is:

Don’t drink cola; it’s bad.

It just drags you down!

Drink Baba’s Kompot, it’s cool.

You can beat the whole town!

That, I think, expresses exactly what the original poster had in mind. THAT’S what translation is all about… getting the essential idea from one language into another… yes, sometimes things do “get lost in translation”, and the brevity of this was one such…


Update 22.15 9 July 2016:

A friend sent me the following:

Don’t drink cola; it just drags you down!

Drink Baba’s Kompot; it’s the best in town!

Why didn’t I think of that one? God has blessed me with friends, not with money… which makes me very rich, indeed…


9 July 2016. In the Wake of Dallas

00 Andy Marlette. A Child's Prayer. 2016


All those protesters last night, they ran the other way expecting the men and women in blue to turn around and protect them. What hypocrites!

Texas Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick

to Fox News

The above proves to all, even the slow learners, that the Republicans (and “conservatives” in general) aren’t loath to fan the flames of racial hatred and bias to whip up their base. That tells us much about Republicans (and “conservatives”)… they’re ready to stir the pot if they think that that’d propel them into office (and get them the corrupt dollars that come with such office in the USA). They don’t give a damn how many die… cops, civilians, innocents, guilty… it doesn’t matter to them in the least. It’s all grist for their mill. The Establishment Dems are no better. They tut and point fingers, but do nothing to change the dysfunctional society that brought on the carnage.

The 62 top families own as much wealth as the bottom 50 percent of Americans do. Both Republicans and Establishment Dems chortle at this… as they profit personally from the support (both financial and political) of those rich families. Chilly Hilly and Trump the Chump are BOTH soulless and nihilistic standard-bearers of the Affluent Effluent. If we want to truly get a handle on this… vote for Bernie if he stays in, or vote for Jill if he punks out. A vote for the duopoly is a vote for more carnage…


9 July 2016. Animal Funnies… A Little Instigator, No?

00 angry cats 080716


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