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Saturday, 9 July 2016

9 July 2016. On “Googling” Other People

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I follow the practise of “googling” no one else. If I were to do otherwise, it’d be proof that I didn’t respect anyone else or their privacy. That’s the main temptation on the internet… that you can “find out” about other people and indulge your fancy that you’re good. As for me… I accept people as they are… I’ve only been “betrayed” a few times.

To google needlessly is the same as peering into someone’s window, reading their mail, or listening in on their phone conversations… highly questionable and rather sinful in the extreme. Note that those who do so consider themselves paragons of rectitude. Tells you much about those who do so… and who then spread it all over the web as gospel truth. There’s rather too much of it about. Don’t do it yourself and condemn all those who do so loudly (and “unfriend” and block them into the bargain… you don’t need such asshats in your life).

People who respect other people don’t google others. Full stop… that’s it; that’s all.



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