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Sunday, 10 July 2016

10 July 2016. Great Minds DO Think Alike… Over the Ages, Over the Cultures

00 douglass and trudell 100716


Frederick Douglass and John Trudell… two different centuries… two different cultures (American Negro and Indigenous First Nation American)… but one mind, one soul, and one heart. Read n’ heed…



10 July 2016. People Without Honour…

00 poland banderovtsy 050716

Banderovtsy: People Without Honour. Remember the Calamity (of 1944).


The above is a poster on a hoarding in Poland. It recalls the genocidal massacre of ethnic Poles by Galician Uniate nationalists during the VOV in the Kresy. The Uniate extremists killed people simply for being Polish… nothing else mattered to them. They also killed Belorussians, Russians, Roma, Jews, Rusins, and even Galicians who opposed their fascist ideology. These people run the notional “Ukraine” today. May God cut their time short to lessen the suffering of the innocents (which includes most of the Uniates, who oppose fascism as much as any group of normal people do).


10 July 2016. This Is My Prayer

00 russia may god bless us 100716


One of my friends emailed me:

I hope so because our society is hurtling in a dark direction.

I need add nothing. The clouds are, indeed, gathering. We can avert this calamity, but shall we? Yes… shall we? It IS up to us… do choose wisely… don’t enable and arm the warmongers. At the least, don’t do that…


10 July 2016. From the Russian Web… War is Coming…

00 war is coming 100716


America threatens war… Russia and China prepare for it, as innocents threatened by aggressors should. If you vote for Chilly Hilly or Trump the Chump, you vote for war, full stop. In particular, Chilly Hilly spews out hatred against Russia, China, Belarus, Iran, Syria, and Palestine. She threatens war and all the Hilly Billys just drool in delight at the prospect. Not a single one protests this grotesque warmongering… not a single one opposes Chilly’s Danse Macabre of War and Death… NOT A SINGLE ONE.

Russia and China notice American moves and Chilly’s threats… of course, they’re doing what they can to defend their homelands from American aggression. I hope that Chilly Hilly loses in November. I hope that the spectre of war passes from us. Russians know what war is… they hate it. Americans don’t know what war is… they love it. Many years ago, I told a blokadnik (one survived the Siege of Leningrad), “Some Americans call World War II ‘the Good War'”. I remember how that person looked at me and said, very slowly and very movingly, “THERE … IS … NO … SUCH … THING … AS … A … GOOD … WAR”.

Only one nation used nuclear weapons against civilians… I confide that it wasn’t Russia or China…


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