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Monday, 11 July 2016

11 July 2016. Her Backers Tell You That She’s “Innocent”… That’s Certainly a POV, Isn’t It?

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I’d observe that people who did far less than Hillary did are either in prison or on probation, with a felony on their records. However, the Hilly Billys continue to defend her vehemently. Don’t argue with them… oppose them. Friends don’t let friends vote for Chilly Hilly and Trump the Chump. Oh, yes… do have a care in the gym… a bar-bell might fall on you… accidentally, of course…



11 July 2016. They All Had Faces… They All Had Names…

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These two men are the latest casualties in the Russian task force aiding the legitimate Syrian government in its fight against American- and Saudi-backed Islamist terrorists. They were flying a Mi-25 attack helo on a mission against ISIS bandits and had just completed a successful attack on the terrorists. The terrorists fired a US-made TOW missile at the Mi-25, bringing it down. This is proof that the USA and its Saudi/Gulf proxies are arming and supporting the ISIS terrorists (don’t believe their propaganda that they’re against terrorism… they aren’t).

By the way… Chilly Hilly is particularly vehement in her support of the ISIS terrorists (she doesn’t say so openly, but her attacks on the legitimate Syrian government and its Russian and Iranian allies are such support, to be sure). No decent person can vote for such a warmongering pig.

They all had faces… they all had names… they died because the USA supports Islamist terrorist filth. The Establishment Dems do… the Republicans do… they both do. Think on that before you vote for any Establishment candidate this election…


11 July 2016. NO NEVER HILLARY

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Let’s keep it simple. I and many other Sanders backers, perhaps, the majority, will NEVER support the Wicked Witch of Wall Street and the Merciless Bitch of the Maidan. Full stop. Her supporters drooled in glee as she gave head to all of Wall Street and K Street. What does that tell you about them?


No decent person wants such a soulless warmongering moneygrubbing nihilist as their leader. I’m not alone…


11 July 2016. RIA Novosti This Day in History…

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Today’s a real feast for chocoholics… Worldwide Chocolate Day! History records that the Aztecs were the first to make this delicacy. They called it “the Food of the Gods”. The Spanish conquistadors were the first to bring it to Europe; they called chocolate “Black Gold” and used it to fortify their physical strength and stamina. Scientists believe that chocolate has elements conducive to relaxation and psychological revitalisation.

11 July 2016

RIA Novosti


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