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Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Jill Stein on Bernie’s Defection and Betrayal

Sergei Yolkin. Its Yet Another Election Day. 2012 (2)

Get on out there and vote for Jill Stein… a real choice for a real change


We offered Bernie Sanders to sit down and talk, to explore how we might collaborate, because I can’t give away the nomination, but I could certainly work with him for all sorts of possibilities, including leading the ticket. This could be possible if [Sanders] truly saw the light, the “green light”, that we do need independent politics. Now, they’re trying to stuff the revolution back into a counter-revolutionary party, whose standard-bearer, Clinton, leads the charge for Wall Street, for wars, and for the Wal-Mart economy. Bernie said let’s forget the past, but I don’t think people can forget the movement that they’ve worked so hard to build. There were a lot of people who watched this endorsement in complete and utter disbelief. They also can’t forget Hillary Clinton’s record, which is very much the opposite of what they’ve worked for the past year.

The Democratic Party consistently tried to minimise, sideline, and sabotage the Bernie Sanders campaign. This should be a wakeup call. The truth is that we can’t have a revolutionary campaign inside a counter-revolutionary party. After the California primary, when it became clear that the Democratic Party was really shutting [Sanders] out, the Green Party began to see s surge in people’s interest. We’re seeing that now, in the last 24 to 36 hours as well, as people realise that the game is over. I think there are a lot of broken hearts out there amongst the Bernie campaign. A lot of people feel burned by the Democratic Party, who aren’t going to simply resign themselves to an election that offers them either a billionaire on one hand, or a cheerleader for the billionaires on the other.

Jill Stein

12 July 2016




The Democratic and Republican Parties work for the same corporations… if you need proof, look no farther than DNC party platform for 2016. I’m voting for Jill Stein. So should you. No decent person can vote for Bloody Chilly Hilly. If you back her, you plunge both arms, elbow-deep, into the blood of innocents. Orthodox people, especially, shouldn’t vote for Chilly Hilly or Trump the Chump as both wish to go to war with the countries of the Orthosphere. The dead children of Syria and Novorossiya accuse all those who’d do so. Note well that most vociferous Clinton backers are above-the-median affluent Upper Middles. They’d benefit from her presidency, so the fact that it wouldn’t benefit most of us doesn’t mean fuck-all to them.

Lets keep it focused. If you back Clinton, you back evil… full stop. If you back Trump, you back evil… full stop. Jill Stein isn’t perfect, but her platform is far closer to the social vision of the Church than both the Repug and Dem platforms are. Vote for Jill Stein… a real choice for real change.



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