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Wednesday, 13 July 2016

13 July 2016. A Point to Ponder on This Election…

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Yesterday, I switched my support from Bernie to Jill Stein. Was it out of anger because of his endorsement of Clinton? Yes, that was the motivating factor, but as I reflect this morning, I realise I can’t vote against my moral fibre. I can’t unlearn what I’ve learned about her. I don’t think you can change the Establishment by joining it. Sometimes, you just have to burn it all down. Will it hurt me economically? Yes! However, I’m done. Like the saying goes, “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore “.

James T Sharp

13 July 2016

Jill Stein



13 July 2016. The Fallen Heroes Return Home From Syria

00 russia syria soldier funeral 130716


The bodies of Colonel Ryafagat Khaibullin and Lieutenant Yevgeni Dolgin returned home to the Rodina with full military honours. The ISIS terrorists shot down their Mi-25 attack helo with a US-made TOW missile. This proves that the USA and its Saudi/Gulf proxies are arming and supporting the ISIS terrorists. Hillary Clinton supports such arming of Islamist terrorists… Donald Trump supports it, too, as does Admiral James Stavridis, Clinton’s putative running mate. Stavridis is one of the most morally reprehensible neocons out there… he took part in the Iraq aggression as one of its commanders. Sad to say, he’s Greek Orthodox… but the Phanar is a rabidly pro-Western US toady, so that shouldn’t surprise anyone (Serge Schmemann and Sofiya Kishkovskaya are just as foul in their treason to the Orthosphere as Stavridis is… all have sold out completely to the neoliberal Corporatist West).

If you support either Trump or Clinton, you have the blood of Colonel Khaibullin and Lieutenant Dolgin on your hands. I don’t support them… I’m not alone in that. Never support evil… never…


13 July 2016. Some Deluded Orthodox are Putting Up Trump Signs… HH Shows Us that “Socialism IS Good”

01 His Holiness Patriarch Kirill with Cuban Ambassador and Cuban MDs


Some deluded Orthodox are putting up Trump signs. Let’s keep it short and focused. Such people spit on Our Lord Christ and what He taught and did, they trample on the Church’s immortal witness in re worldly power and the government, and they defy the example given us by our Holy Patriarch. The above image shows HH with Cuban doctors. HH thinks that the Cuban healthcare system rocks and that it’s a great exemplar for the world. By the way… Cuba does BETTER than the USA does in many health indices as a direct result of its socialised healthcare policies and system. Our Holy Patriarch does NOT support or pal around with godless neoliberal slime (both “conservatives” and “liberals”)… our Holy Church condemns Libertarianism and upholds the state as fallen mankind requires regulation… Our Lord Christ went to the Cross because he pissed off the powers-that-be. That’s why no Orthodox Christian can vote for either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton. Do think on that and act accordingly.


13 July 2016. Real Church Holds Cross Procession to Pochaev Lavra With Thousands of Participants

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To show their solidarity with the brave monks of the Pochaev Lavra who are defying Uniate and schismatic attempts to take over the monastery, thousands of UPTs/MP believers held a cross procession. Beware all Orthodox who collaborate with Uniate slimers… especially, Freddie M-G, Victor Potapov, Vassa Larina, and Jonas Paffhausen. These people snuggle up to those who want to suck out our interior life and replace it with heterodox papist goo. They nod their heads at the heretical notion of a fanciful “Eastern Church” that unites Orthodox with schismatic papists (Vassa Larina is a paid minion of the papists and Victor Potapov as a paid CIA propagandist has to toe the Uniate line). They also support the illegitimate American-installed puppet terrorist junta in Kiev (one can see this in the ROCOR, where Potapov and his minions have undue influence (as they have access to Langley money)) and they support the candidacy of the demonic Donald Trump (a more committed votary of Mammon can’t be found… except for, perhaps, Hillary Clinton).

You may support the brave monks of Pochaev or you may support those I named (and those like them). Choose wisely… I have…


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