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Wednesday, 13 July 2016

13 July 2016. The Fallen Heroes Return Home From Syria

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The bodies of Colonel Ryafagat Khaibullin and Lieutenant Yevgeni Dolgin returned home to the Rodina with full military honours. The ISIS terrorists shot down their Mi-25 attack helo with a US-made TOW missile. This proves that the USA and its Saudi/Gulf proxies are arming and supporting the ISIS terrorists. Hillary Clinton supports such arming of Islamist terrorists… Donald Trump supports it, too, as does Admiral James Stavridis, Clinton’s putative running mate. Stavridis is one of the most morally reprehensible neocons out there… he took part in the Iraq aggression as one of its commanders. Sad to say, he’s Greek Orthodox… but the Phanar is a rabidly pro-Western US toady, so that shouldn’t surprise anyone (Serge Schmemann and Sofiya Kishkovskaya are just as foul in their treason to the Orthosphere as Stavridis is… all have sold out completely to the neoliberal Corporatist West).

If you support either Trump or Clinton, you have the blood of Colonel Khaibullin and Lieutenant Dolgin on your hands. I don’t support them… I’m not alone in that. Never support evil… never…



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