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Thursday, 14 July 2016

14 July 2106. the Faith of MMA Champ Fyodor Emelianenko

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Fyodor Emelianenko is a big-time Orthodox Christian and patriotic Russian. Unlike smarmy and flashy Americans, he doesn’t make a huge show of his faith. However, most Orthodox believers are like Fyodor Vladimirovich… we don’t parade our faith… we let it show through our works and lives. That’s the way it should be. We’re Christians… that’s what we do…



14 July 2016. Don’t Vote for “the Lesser of Two Evils”… Vote for the COMMON GOOD!

00 Get Off Your Ass and Vote! 25.04.15

This is still true, even though Bernie punked out. If we stand together, we CAN defeat the Dems and Repugs… it CAN be done!


Here are some words from 27 years ago:

I think we need to go in the direction of Canada, which has a third-party, a democratic socialist party. We may not win right away, but our job is to bring together workers and poor people, minorities, environmentalists. Let’s come together, articulate the issues, and I think we’re gonna make some real progress.

That was Bernie Sanders in 1989. With his endorsement of Chilly Hilly, he shit on that, in public. Here’s what Jill Stein has to say:

I’m currently trending on both Twitter and Facebook. Why? Because Americans want more than warmongers and fools. Millions realise that if we want to fix a rigged economy, a rigged racial injustice system, a rigged health care system, a toxic fossil fuel energy and all the other systems failing us, we must fix the rigged political system… that won’t happen through the rigged Democratic Party. Right now, we have a real chance to change our rigged political system, and we mustn’t squander this opportunity by pledging allegiance to a corrupt political insider who the majority of Americans don’t like, trust, or believe in.

We can affect our future for the good. We can opt for a real chance to make a real choice to bring about a real change in our society… or we can opt to vote for Trump and Clinton, who suck the cock of Wall St and K Street. Jill Stein or the oligarchs… that be the choice on offer, there’s no other. Choose wisely…


14 July 2016. My Response to Those Who Blubber On About Their “Rights” and “Hurt Feelings”

01 squalling crybaby


I have duties… I attend to them. I have friends… I stand by them. I have workmates… I uphold them. I have opinions… you have opinions… I won’t force you to express yourself as I do and I expect reciprocity. IN SHORT.. respect, honour, and decency… without that, our society falls. I hate “conservatives” and their open attempts to grub whatever they can, no matter the cost to people. I hate “liberals” and their smarmy condescension, at their arrogant and smug attitude to all and sundry. I’m old enough to know that perfection is not on offer anywhere by anyone at any time.

I hate those who try to grab more than their fair share and I despise those who believe themselves the crème de la crème of society. The “privileged” and the “élite”… they’re no different under the skin, are they? I treat others as I’d like to be treated in return. Is that so hard a concept to grasp?


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