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Friday, 15 July 2016

15 July 2016. Disarm the Hate. Enact Reasonable Gun Control Legislation Now

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It’s time to stop the intentional misrepresentation of the Second Amendment by the righties. Let’s have reasonable gun laws… let gun-owners be licensed, as drivers are. If you can’t prove that you can shoot a gun safely, you shouldn’t own one. No one should own automatic weapons or machine guns… no other reasonable country allows that. Rural folks need their guns… hunters use their guns safely (by and large)… there are some people who use weapons in their work… I’m not talking about such people. I’m talking about the present anarchy in gun laws. We should have uniform federal laws on gun control, for every state and every city. Its time to stop the NRA’s throttling of reasonable law and regulation.

No nihilism… no libertarianism… no Ayn Rand-style licence or anarchy… if you want such, prove to me that mankind isn’t fallen and that its perfectible. I doubt that you can do it…



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