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Friday, 15 July 2016

The Ukraine is About to Start War Against Orthodox Believers

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There’s only one safe harbour left for many people in war-torn countries… the Church. They turn to religion in search for missing peace, love, and hope. That’s what’s happening today in the Ukraine. An immense religious procession began in [fascist-occupied] Donetsk Oblast, in the east, on 3 July, sponsored by the UPTs/MP. A week later, people in the west followed suit with a procession beginning in Ternopol Oblast on 9 July. Both columns of believers plan to meet in Kiev on 27 July, on the eve of the celebration for the feastday of the Baptism of Rus.

More than 10,000 pilgrims (and counting) left home to join the procession. They pray for peace, love, and the war’s end. Some in the modern Ukraine call this Kremlin provocation. Look at the blessed faces of these people (mostly women, children, and the elderly) taking part in this procession. Well, just try to identify the Kremlin agents working hard to destabilise the Ukraine.

Any success? Probably not. It’s because you don’t have the fevered imagination of Ukrainian nationalists who see Russian aggression literally everywhere. The Union of Orthodox Journalists reported that the notorious “Right Sector” nationalist movement organised provocations against Orthodox believers. The fascists hounded the procession, waving red-and-black flags, chanting, “Russia is an aggressor!”, “Thanks to Dazhbog!”, and other bullshit.

Some Ukrainian public figures made radical statements. Zoryan Shkiryak, acting advisor of the head of the MVDU, called the procession a “FSB provocation” and promised “to do everything possible to ruin vile Kremlin plans”. Ukrainian political expert Yuri Romanenko offered to put up crosses along the pocession’s route, proposing to crucify the marchers:

Moscow priests are trying to organize a religious procession from Lugansk and Donetsk Oblasts (sic) towards Kiev. More precisely, it isn’t Moscow priests, but it’s the Kremlin, with the priests’ support. What should we do? Firstly, we should announce everywhere that we’d crucify all the marchers. Secondly, we should put crosses along the procession’s route in advance. The effect would be great.

A well-known Ukrainian Neo-Nazi, Viktoriya Reznichenko, wrote on FB:

We have to stop this scum. We have to get ready and unite our efforts. Offer concrete ideas: how will we kill, burn or shoot them down?”

Oh, well …  what other way is it possible to deal with a big procession of defenseless people praying for peace?

14 July 2016

Daniel Reynolds

Russia Insider



Reflect well on the fact that both Trump the Chump and Chilly Hilly support the fascists who threaten the marchers. Hilly’s protégé Victoria Nuland planned the Maidan coup and tried to seize Sevastopol for the USA (that failed). If you’re a faithful Orthodox Christian, with love for our Faith, for the Orthosphere, and for Orthodox Believers everywhere, you’ll refuse to vote for Trump or Clinton… you’ll vote for Jill Stein. There are no perfect choices on offer… Ms Stein’s social views are in sync with those of the Church, as are her environmental views. Her commitment to peace is in sync with the Church. The blemish is her Pro-Choice plank, but her commitment to so many things in common with us outweighs that. Ignore the “Pro-Life” fanatics… they’re all pro-war, pro-oligarch, pro-Mammon, and pro-capital punishment liars and hypocrites.

We do have a choice… exercise it.



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