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Saturday, 16 July 2016

16 July 2016. Two Versions of the Trump Golden Calf

00 matt wuerker. trump. its worse than i thought. 2015

Here’s the original, with Pope Francisco in the image


00 trump 140716

Here’s an edited version making the rounds of the web now


The first is more apropos… it means that Dolan and those favouring the rightwing are at odds with their Church. Well, our rightwingers are at odds with HH. Both our righties and the papist righties unite to support Republican filth. Both our First Hierarch and the Pope of Rome oppose the right. Interesting, no? Both our rebellious righties and their papist analogues use the “Pro-Life Movement” as the reason for their rebellion. Tells you much about the Pro-Life Movement and its evil, doesn’t it? There’s a wrong way of being right… a way that converts good into evil. That’s the Pro—Life Movement… no one who’s pro-oligarch, pro-capital punishment, pro-war, and anti-single-payer healthcare can be truly Pro-Life… no one. Unfortunately, for all their bluster, they’re just the usual lot of Mammon worshippers and Pharisees. Do have a care… frauds are about, and they all thump their chests and tell you what great Christians they are.

They lie…



16 July 2016. It’s “The Friday Night Fights” at the Rada… But It’s “All In The Family” at the Gosduma

00 russian duma 01 060716

As the Rada throws punches, the Gosduma is full of laughs.


00 russian duma 02 060716

The famous singer I D Kobzon goofs with a Duma colleague.


00 russian duma 03 060716

All Russians know that homebrew pickles are the best “morning after” remedy in the world… you have to drink the “Rosol” (pickle juice) to get the full effect… I know whereof I speak.


00 russian duma 04 060716

Iosif Davydovich shows that he isn’t dead, you bet… there’s life in the old dog yet…


16 July 2016. Animal Funnies… No, I Sure Ain’t Played that Pokemon Go Thing Yet

00 bear 160716


16 July 2016. Life Is Like That

00 life is like that 160716


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