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Saturday, 16 July 2016

16 July 2016. It’s “The Friday Night Fights” at the Rada… But It’s “All In The Family” at the Gosduma

00 russian duma 01 060716

As the Rada throws punches, the Gosduma is full of laughs.


00 russian duma 02 060716

The famous singer I D Kobzon goofs with a Duma colleague.


00 russian duma 03 060716

All Russians know that homebrew pickles are the best “morning after” remedy in the world… you have to drink the “Rosol” (pickle juice) to get the full effect… I know whereof I speak.


00 russian duma 04 060716

Iosif Davydovich shows that he isn’t dead, you bet… there’s life in the old dog yet…


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