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Sunday, 17 July 2016

17 July 2016. Peace Marches… Peace Marches… Where are the Peace Marches?

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I saw this on FB:

Hello, friends, anywhere in the world! The main media in German-speaking countries like Germany, Austria, and Switzerland remain silent on the massive peace marches in Ukraine. What does the media in YOUR country report? Do you see anything about it in your newspapers or TV?

Jackie Zwahlen

I can report that the American media is silent as a fish about these massive marches. The US government supports the Uniates and the schismos… all those who work for it (or who once worked for it, especially, in the intel and defence apparats) must toe that line or else. Have a care with all those who work or once worked in the defence or intel apparats. They must push Uniate lies or they lose their situations (or lose their influence and standing, if retired). Simply don’t allow them to post Langley lies on your walls. Don’t “unfriend” them unless you must. If they don’t echo Uniate lies, they’re toast in circles that either they work in or in which they’ve been a part of their entire working lives.

Have a care; the times aren’t good…



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