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Friday, 22 July 2016

22 July 2016. SHAME ON YOU, FR JOHN! Take This Down, Immediately!

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The image I used is a scurrilous anti-leftist meme posted by Fr John Sorochka of Mayfield PA. His doing that was out-of-line and scandalous. Priests are there for all of us… not only rightwing swine…


Priests aren’t allowed to take part in partisan politics. I saw the above on FB, posted by Fr John Sorochka of Mayfield PA. I think that he’s a good guy… I don’t count him as one of the more feral priests out there (he’s no Whiteford or Potapov, that’s for sure). However, in posting the above, he went over the line. The very obvious implication is that we leftists aren’t patriotic and that only violent McCarthyite rightwing sludge are patriots. No priest should post such. Priests are there for ALL the people. His son is even worse… but he’s not a priest, he’s only a deacon; the rules aren’t as stringent for deacons as they are for priests (’tis true, young Sorochka does post gnarly goofy rightwing rubbish, but he’s not a priest). Whenever a priest (especially, a parish rector with the standing of Fr John) posts anything on social media, it involves the whole Church apparat, as priests are official spokesmen for Christ’s Church.

This is disgusting. This is untrue. Fr John should remove it and apologise for taking part in partisan politics. Shall he? I hope that he would… but I’m not holding my breath. There is rather too much coddling of rightwing trumpery in Church circles. Shame on you, Fr John… I expected better of you.

This is why so many young people become anti-theists… I’ve spoken my piece…



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