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Friday, 22 July 2016

22 July 2016. The Anglos Tut About Russian “Doping”

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The Russian track-and-field athletes won’t be at the Rio Olympics. The Yanks and their obedient baying hounds accuse them of doping. I seem to notice that drug use is very common amongst American athletes… but the US team isn’t getting the boot! The USA is trying to hurt Russia (and China) in whatever ways it can, both major and minor. It does tell you much about “exceptional” Americans, doesn’t it? They think themselves “indispensable”… they truly do, I’m not jesting or joking in the least. They’re so “great” that the only way that they can win is to eliminate one of the world’s strongest teams.

“Make America Great Again”… to do that, it had to have been great in the past. I’d say that the Trail of Tears and Hiroshima put that assessment very much in doubt…



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