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Sunday, 24 July 2016

24 July 2016. Today is the Holyday of St Olga… Mother of Grand Prince St Vladimir

Sergei Kirillov. The Baptism of Grand Princess St Olga. Part 1 of the Triptych 'Holy Rus'. 1993

The Baptism of Grand Princess St Olga

Part 1 of the Triptych “Holy Rus”

Sergei Kirillov



We’re getting ready for 28 July… the feastday of St Vladimir. On that day, two massive peace processions will meet in Kiev. I’ve noted that both the OCA and the ROCOR aren’t mentioning it on their official websites, nor do you find anything about it on the website of the Eastern American Diocese, under Metropolitan Ilarion himself… a rightwing putz named Gregory Walker Levitsky is its webmaster… he does put up all sort of rightwing rubbish on his FB page, but nothing about healthy things like the peace procession (asshats like Breitbart get posted by him, but nothing about the suffering Orthodox people in the Ukraine… that might upset the Uniates and their running dog Potapov).

Do you want to honour St Olga? Pray for the success of the peace marches in the Ukraine… demand that the OCA and ROCOR do likewise, and in public. Metropolitan Onufry Berezovsky of Kiev and all the Ukraine blesses the peace marches. We should honour that… instead, the OCA and the ROCOR honour the Uniate bandit junta in the Ukraine. You have a choice. You may stand with Metropolitan Onufry and the rightminded people in the Ukraine or you can stand with neoliberal quislings like Potapov, Lyonyo, Jillions, and Vassa Larina. It’s up to you… choose wisely, I have.

I honour St Olga, therefore, I stand with Metropolitan Onufry, not the CIA, NATO, and the EU (and their Orthodox running dogs). I’m not alone… the spirit of Grand Princess St Olga isn’t dead amongst us.



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