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Sunday, 24 July 2016

Icons for New Naval Cathedral Delivered to Severomorsk

00 russia ikonostas navy 01 240716


00 russia ikonostas navy 02 240716


00 russia ikonostas navy 03 240716


00 russia ikonostas navy 04 240716


00 russia ikonostas navy 05 240716


00 russia ikonostas navy 06 240716


A transport aircraft of the 45 Air Army delivered icons for an iconostas to Aerodrom Severomorsk-3 of Naval Aviation and the PVO. The icons will be part of an iconostas at the St Andrew Naval Cathedral in Severomorsk. Icon-painters in Moscow executed the work; now, they’re turned over to the Diocese of Severomorsk for the newly built cathedral. Patriarch Kirill Gundyaev of Moscow and all the Russias will bless the new edifice in August. This will be the First Cathedral of the Northern Fleet. At the airport, the commander of the Northern Fleet, Vice-Admiral N A ‪Yevmenov, and Bishop Mitrofan Badanin of Severomorsk and Umba met the plane carrying the icons. The four main images for the iconostas were of the protector-saints of Russian navy sailors… St Andrew the First-Called, the Godbearer, the Saviour, and St Nicholas of Myra the Wonderworker… officers of the 45 Air Army and the Northern Fleet PVO carried the icons out of the cargo compartment of the plane by hand. After a short religious service, those present venerated the holy images. The same evening, they sent the boxes containing the disassembled iconostas to Severomorsk. Shortly, the icons will be part of the assembled iconostas at the St Andrew Naval Cathedral. The church is in near the Northern Fleet HQ and the warship quays.

22 July 2016

Minoborony Rossii



Bishop Mitrofan served as a navy officer for 21 years (1976-97, reaching the rank of Captain of the 2nd Rank), mostly with the Northern Fleet, and Elder Archimandrite Ioann Krestyankin blessed him to be a monk. Therefore, he’s a perfect fit to be bishop in an area that has one of the main fleet bases.



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