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Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Poroshenko Hastily Left the Ukraine

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It’s getting hot in the Ukraine. Turchinov said they might introduce martial law. In Kiev, Pavel Sheremet died in a car explosion. In the Donbass… the situation escalates. Yet, at such a time, Interior Minister Avakov went on holiday… as did Klitschko, the Mayor of Kiev. They weren’t the only ones to do so. According to sources in the Ukrainian State Aviation Administration, on 22 July, late in the evening, from Zhulyan, a private Gulfstream 200 jet with Poroshenko onboard took off on a flight to Malaga (Spain). Media sources report that Poroshenko has a villa Near Malaga. Poroshenko’s holiday and his absence in the capital were off the record, without publicity. From his Spanish estate, he can still issue orders. For example, on Monday, he gave instructions to the Prime Minister and the Mayor of Kiev to strengthen security measures. However, here’s the question… why did the Ukrainian leadership suddenly decide to leave the Ukraine? Is something brewing? No one has an answer to this question.

26 July 2016

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