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Thursday, 28 July 2016

28 July 2016. Pray for the Safety of Those in the Great Peace March in Kiev

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Pray for the safety of all those in the two great peace marches meeting in Kiev today. I do daresay that the chance of violence is too high, as the Uniate/schismo nationalists know no inhibitions or restraints when it comes to cruelty and vindictiveness. I want this day to pass without incident. Shall it? I’d hope so, but I’ll admit that my hopes of that are dim. I’ve had too much experience with Uniate and schismo nationalist flakes… after all, they were Nazi collaborators, weren’t they?



28 July 2016. Today is St Vladimir Day! URA for the Baptism of Holy Rus 1,028 Years Ago

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с Дём ангелом to all you Vladimirs out there. 1,028 years ago, Grand Prince St Vladimir ordered the Christianisation of his country. Russia lives with that legacy today…

Today, the two cross processions for peace are to meet in Kiev, with thousands of believers. I truly wish that nothing happens. I truly want no violence or bloodshed. The fact that schismo and Uniate nationalists threatened such exposes them as frauds and blasphemers. Let no one say otherwise…


28 July 2016. Jill Stein on the “Two-Party System”

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The American people can’t expect adequate political representation from a party that they didn’t create, but only exists to ensure that we have nowhere else to go. As the two-party system collapses before our eyes, we must fight for a true democracy built upon racial, economic, gender and social justice. The corporate media propaganda machine will try to convince you that you’re powerless, because they fear nothing more than Americans freed from the corporate two-party trap… and after the ‪DNC Walkout, they see us growing stronger by the hour.

Jill Stein


28 July 2016. From the Russian Web… Here are the ORIGINAL Americans



Whenever you hear an Anglo maundering about how “moral” and “upright” the USA is, do remember HOW the Anglos took the land from the original inhabitants. It wasn’t moral nor upright, was it? None dare call it the most heinous and odious hypocrisy…


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