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Wednesday, 3 August 2016

3 August 2016. Sometimes, “Pro-Life” Isn’t What It Appears to Be

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Abortion is a sticky topic. We must oppose it, but not all ways of opposing abortion are licit. I’d say that moral persuasion, positive state incentives to bear children (such as one sees in Russia), state subsidies to large families (again, a Russian law), and state-mandated protections for mothers are necessary. Imprisoning women (as the Republicans want to do) just doesn’t help matters to move in a positive direction. The US Republican Party spits on what the Church teaches with its love of Me First Greedster Crapitalism. The Church teaches us that since mankind is fallen, it needs regulation. The Republicans (and Libertarians even more so) praise “enlightened greed” (I kid you not). Therefore, one can support a candidate with a pro-choice plank if the most of their programme is in accord with our social views (but one can’t support pro-choice per se). Likewise, one must reject the Republicans for only giving lip service to Pro-Life. The rest of their programme negates what we hold as Church. There’s no perfect political faction on this earth… remember, the Republicans are lovers of the death penalty, greedy, oppressors of the weak, and warmongers… the Church opposes that.

Sometimes, to be truly Pro-Life, one has to support “pro-choice” candidates. It seems contradictory, but it isn’t. If you support greedsters, hangsmen, and warmongers to “oppose abortion”, you spit on the Lord Christ Himself and trample on His icon. Remember this… the “religious” of His day clamoured for His death… I’d say that they haven’t changed one iota. I’m not alone in thinking that…



2 August PM Sitrep Briefing: DNR Military Command Reported Junta Forces Fired 416 Shells at DNR Territory

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Today, Colonel E А Basurin, DNR Deputy Minister of Defence, speaking for the DNR Operational Command, stated:

During the last day, the enemy fired 416 shells at us. Enemy units fired 135 12.2/15.2-cm artillery shells and 281 8.2/12-cm mortar rounds. In addition, in 50 separate incidents, the enemy used BMPs, RPGs, and small arms to fire at us. They shelled Gorlovka and its northern suburbs, Yasinovataya, Veseloe, Spartak, Zhabichevo, and Zemlyanki, along with the northern and western outskirts of Donetsk, including the airport, and Kominternovo, and Sakhanka in the southern DNR. We transferred all data on violations of the Minsk agreements to OSCE and STSKK representatives.

2 August 2016

DAN Donetsk News Agency


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