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Thursday, 4 August 2016

4 August AM Sitrep Briefing: DNR Military Command Reported Junta Forces Fired 334 Shells at DNR Territory During the Evening and Early Morning Hours

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Today, the DNR Operational Command stated:

In the period from 19.45 to 07.30, enemy forces fired artillery and mortars at populated points in the DNR, firing 334 shells at us. Enemy units fired 154 12.2/15.2-cm artillery shells and 180 8.2/12-cm mortar rounds. Aggressor shellfire came from Avdeyevka, Talakovka, Shirokino, Vodyanoe, Zhovanka, and Marinka. They struck the Donetsk outskirts, Yasinovataya, Makeyevka, Gorlovka, Vasilevka, Spartak, and Yasinovataya suburbs, Zaitsevo (north of Gorlovka), Trudovskoy (west of Donetsk), the Airport, and Volvo-Tsentra, as well as Makeyevka. Night bombardments on residential areas damaged houses at 68, 70, and 73 Kirov Street and at 5 and 7 Pobedy Street. Shellfire also damaged a transformer station near Yasinovataya, knocking down power transmission lines. Further information about damage will be forthcoming.

4 August 2016

DAN Donetsk News Agency



4 August 2016. A Picture IS Worth a Thousand Words… Bustling Yalta Under Russian Rule

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In Yalta, there’s enough to eat, the power’s on, and law and order reigns. In the notional “Ukraine”, there’s not enough to eat, the power flickers on and off, and order and security simply don’t exist. One of these things is not like the other… guess which one the Yanks prefer… yeah, they prefer keeping us inferior Slavs in privation and want, so that we don’t get any ideas about rebelling against our “betters”. Trust this… the people of the “Ukraine” see the Crimea… they’re adding it all up. When they get the sums all done, I do daresay that it’ll be finis for the junta and its American puppeteers… yes… I do think that’s going to happen. When? I don’t bloody know… no one does. However, when it does, I wouldn’t want to be an oligarch, an American, or a Uniate. No, siree… you see, people in those parts have LOOONG memories…


Fr Nikolai Balashov Believed that the Words Attributed to an EP Bishop about the Canonical Status of the Ukraine were Just “Journalistic Fiction”

Fr Nikolai Balashov


The MP doesn’t believe that EP Archbishop Iov Gecha stated that the Ukraine was the EP’s canonical territory. Archpriest Nikolai Balashov, Deputy Chairman of the MP Synodal Department of External Church Relations (OVTsS) said:

Archbishop Job is highly educated and expert in canon law; I can’t believe that he’d really claim, “The Ukraine is the canonical territory of the Church of Constantinople”. Such a statement is contrary to historical truth, as well as the official position of the Patriarchate of Constantinople, confirmed many times. Furthermore, Patriarch Bartholomew of Constantinople sent an official notification to Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and all the Russias that Archbishop Iov would be visiting Kiev.

The well-known Ukrainian sectarian activist Sandeya Adeladzhi, of the Embassy of God cult, a supporter of the schismatics, released the interview with the mentioned statement. It also appeared on the Religious Information Service of the Ukraine (RISU) website, a Uniate-backed enterprise. Don’t forget that the head Uniate recently slandered Orthodox Christians… his fellow Ukrainian citizens. Vladyki Iov took part in services in Kiev at the personal invitation of Metropolitan Onufry Berezovsy of Kiev and all the Ukraine. I think that demonstrates whom the EP recognises as the only canonical Church jurisdiction in the Ukraine.

Journalists “tarted up” the facts; they published them without a twinge of conscience. Any road, attempts to deny the legitimacy of the reunification of the Kiev Metropolia with the MP are more journalistic fiction than a solemn statement of the Orthodox hierarchy. In any case, it’s absolutely devoid of both historical truth and canonical reason. Ecumenical Patriarch Dionysios IV and 21 of his Metropolitans signed the Conciliar Gramota of 1686, all the Eastern Patriarchs recognised it, and no one ever questioned it over the centuries.

4 August 2016



3 August PM Sitrep Briefing: DNR Military Command Reported Junta Forces Fired 777 Shells at DNR Territory

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Today, the DNR Operational Command stated:

The situation in the DNR remains tense. During the last day, the enemy fired 777 shells at us. Enemy units fired 161 12.2/15.2-cm artillery shells and 616 8.2/12-cm mortar rounds. In addition, in 95 separate incidents, the enemy used BMPs, RPGs, and small arms to fire at us. They shelled Zaitsevo near Gorlovka, Yasinovataya and its suburbs Veseloe, Spartak, and Mineralnoe, Aleksandrovka and Staromikhailovka to the west of Donetsk, and Novaya Tavriya, Kominternovo, and Sakhanka in the southern DNR. The shelling in Donetsk’s western suburbs left nearly 900 homes without electricity.

3 August 2016

DAN Donetsk News Agency


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