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Thursday, 4 August 2016

MP is Going to Point Up Uniate Misbehaviour in its Dialogue with the Vatican

00 Uniate blasphemy. 12.03.15

This is a blasphemous Uniate “icon”… I need say nothing more… it’s depraved and utterly repulsive…


The MP shall insist that dialogue with Roman Catholics include the problem of the Unia, especially, in light of harsh Uniate criticism of those taking part in the all-Ukrainian religious procession for peace and national reconciliation. On Tuesday, in Moscow, the MP Synodal Department for External Church Relations (OVTsS) released a statement saying (in part):

In view of the unprecedented belligerent rhetoric of S Yu Shevchuk (Major Archbishop of the UGKTs) and L Ya Guzar (former Uniate head) in relation to the canonical UPTs/MP and the MP as a whole, the OVTsS believes that its most urgent for us to bring up the subject of the canonical and pastoral implications of the Unia at the next plenary session of the Joint Commission for Orthodox-Catholic Dialogue.

The next session of the Commission will be on 15-22 September in Chieti (Italy). The all-Ukrainian religious procession for peace and national reconciliation took place from 3-27 July, with columns coming from both the east and west, ending in Kiev on the eve of the feastday of the Baptism of Rus (28 July). In all, about 100,000 Orthodox believers took part in the procession. Meanwhile, the opponents of the peace march claimed that it was really a political action. In particular, Shevchuk likened the procession to a “human shield made up of civilians”. He blustered, “If the marchers utter anti-Ukrainian slogans and provocations, it’d mark the end of the MP in the Ukraine”. In turn, former Uniate head Guzar said, “[The UPTs/MP march] is a vile trick. It’s cynical; you really can’t imagine anything worse”.

The OVTsS statement said:

From these hateful statements, it’s clear that canonical Orthodoxy remains the target of fierce attacks by Uniate leaders. For centuries, when possible, the Uniates tried to oppose Orthodoxy with assistance from friendly civil authorities, or, if not, they used various insinuations, frauds, and deceit. Today, once again, with their politicised statements, the Uniate leadership is trying to drive a wedge between Orthodox and Catholics. We wonder whether it’s possible to conduct a dialogue with Roman Catholics on other theological subjects at a time when the Unia remains a bleeding wound, and when the Uniate leadership won’t stop blasphemous and politicised rhetoric against the canonical UPTs/MP. Thus, immediately, we must resume dialogue on the canonical and pastoral implications of the Unia, stopped because of Uniate complaints.

2 August 2016




4 August 2016. Who Woulda Thunk It…

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00 cat surprise! 15.05.15


I took one of those online tests. It said that I was 56 percent masculine 46 percent feminine… androgynous, they said (yes, I know that it adds up to 102 percent, but that’s what they said)… in other words, I’ll be handing out the axe handles and coshes after I get done making the pierogies and feeding the cats… now, get that church-key, there’s a jug to be opened…


4 August 2016. Jill on Hill and the Chump

00 wounded child. novorossiya. 08.02.15

This is the world of Chilly Hilly… she cackles in glee at the murder and maiming of our children. Evil has no greater votary today, I fear. The Uniate nationalist proxies of the USA maimed this child… Hilly laughs and wants more. How can any decent person vote for such soulless perversion? Trump and Johnson are little better… both use the buzzword “terrorism”… only Jill wants peace… act accordingly…


Donald Trump says awful things, but Hillary Clinton has done awful things. Most Americans don’t want either. Let’s make 2016 the year we reject the lesser evil and fight for the greater good!

Jill Stein

3 August 2016

Jill Stein for President Committee



Vote for what you believe in, not for what you don’t. A vote for the Chump is a vote for untrammelled oligarchy. A vote for Hilly is a vote for untrammelled warmongering. A vote for Johnson is a vote for untrammelled anarchy and licence. Vote for Stein… the best overall… not perfect, with more than one flaw, but the best article on offer in this marketplace with a chance of winning in November.

Jill not Hill… your vote DOES make a difference…


4 August 2016. WHERE is the Spiritual Life?

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Let’s keep it simple. Our everyday lives are the real venue of our spiritual life. How we treat our co-workers and how we treat those that we encounter daily will have more impact on the Judgement Day than how often we attend Liturgy (and I’m not denigrating the Liturgy). The Liturgy is the flower of our spiritual life… our everyday lives are its roots and stem. So, one can’t compartmentalise one’s life… if you do, you kill the spirit, no matter how often you frequent the services.

You’ll do OK if you keep your eyes on the prize. That’s good enough, and it’s all that you need in many cases…


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