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Friday, 5 August 2016

5 August AM Sitrep Briefing: DNR Military Command Reported Junta Forces Fired 113 Shells at DNR Territory During the Evening and Early Morning Hours

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Today, the DNR Operational Command stated:

In the period from 19.45 to 07.30, enemy forces fired artillery and mortars at populated points in the DNR, firing 113 shells at us. Enemy units fired 21 12.2/15.2-cm artillery shells and 92 8.2/12-cm mortar rounds. They struck the Donetsk outskirts, Yasinovataya, Makeyevka, Gorlovka, Dokuchaevsk, Yelenovka, Spartak and Zhabichevo north of Donetsk, Zaitsevo north of Gorlovka, Trudovskoy and Aleksandrovka west of Donetsk, and Sakhanka in Novoazovsky Raion. Night bombardments on residential areas damaged 12 houses in Gorlovka and in Zaitsevo. Specifically, aggressor shellfire damaged houses at 2a Mirny Street, 32 Rudnev Stret, 97 and 99 Poletaev Street, 4 and 6 Rybalko Stret, and 212 and 224 Rybalko Street in Zaitsevo. In Sakhanka, aggressor shellfire damaged four houses on Sergievka Street. In addition, aggressor shellfire damaged an apartment building and a penal colony building in Yelenovka, which led to two prisoners being wounded at the SIZO.

5 August 2016

DAN Donetsk News Agency




5 August 2016. “It Doesn’t Matter If You’re Black or White”… It Only Matters That You Shoot Straight

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These gals were contestants in a recent international military contest in Russia. Left to right, they’re from Russia, Zimbabwe, Kazakhstan, and China. Russia doesn’t look too isolated, does it? You see, the USA and its pals consider themselves the only real countries on the face of the planet… that’s emphatically not true. Since the Iraq War of 1991, the USA has always tried to isolate its opponents before striking them. Russia isn’t isolated… not at all. It looks like the Yanks are stymied and checkmated. However, do have a care… the Anglos are never more dangerous than when they feel themselves stymied or “dissed”… they’re self-centred brattish and thuggish bullies at heart, sadly enough. They truly think that their juvenile and callow society has something to offer the world…

The “K” on the Russian girl’s pogoni (shoulder straps) stands for “Kursant” (officer cadet).


5 August 2016. From the Russian Web… We’re Buddies!

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I’ve got your back… you’ve got mine… it’s the oldest and best story on the block…


4 August PM Sitrep Briefing: DNR Military Command Reported Junta Forces Fired 406 Shells at DNR Territory

00 DNR army soldier 050816


Today, the DNR Operational Command stated:

The situation in the DNR remains tense. During the last day, the enemy fired 406 shells at us. Enemy units fired 97 12.2/15.2-cm artillery shells and 309 8.2/12-cm mortar rounds. In addition, in 60 separate incidents, the enemy used BMPs, RPGs, and small arms to fire at us. They shelled Petrovsky Raion in Donetsk, the airport, Yasinovataya and its suburb Spartak, Zaitsevo near Gorlovka, as well as Kominternovo and Sakhanka in the southern DNR. We transferred all data on violations of the Minsk agreements to OSCE and STSKK representatives.

4 August 2016

DAN Donetsk News Agency


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