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Saturday, 6 August 2016

OFFICIAL LNR Peoples Militia Now on High Alert Due to Assassination Attempt on I V Plotnitsky

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The LNR Peoples Militia is now on high alert due to the assassination attempt on LNR Head of State I V Plotnitsky. Colonel Oleg Anaschenko stated:

This morning, at 07.50, an explosion damaged the car of LNR Head of State Plotnitsky. Due to this terakt*, the LNR Peoples Militia is now on high alert. We’re ready to repel any possible provocations, both at the line of contact and throughout the Republic. We took all necessary measures to enhance vigilance, to protect and defend important objects, and to resist attempts to disrupt us through subversive activities by Ukrainian terrorists.

  • Terakt: Russian acronym for “terrorist action”

6 August 2016

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