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Monday, 8 August 2016

8 August 2016. As Seen by Vitaly Podvitsky… The Russians Really Did It All! Honestly!

00 Vitaly Podvitsky. The Russians Did It All! 2016


The mainstream media has it that Russia is behind everything… well, if you believe that, you probably also believe that Hilly, Trump, and Johnson have your best interests at heart. I’d say, “If they’re lying about Russia, what else are they lying about?” I confide that I’m not the only one asking that question…




Plotnitsky’s Attackers Used Bomb Equivalent to 10-15 Kilos of TNT

00 Trip-wire pipe bomb. 20.02.14


Today, the LNR MGB announced in re the assassination attempt against LNR Head of State I V Plotnitsky:

They placed the charge on the outer surface of a column, facing the roadway, at a height of 1 metre off the ground. We estimate that the bomb was equivalent to up to 10-15 kilogrammes of TNT. They placed the device near a traffic light. In addition, we have reason to believe that the attackers used plastic explosives based on RDX. We’re considering several versions of the incident, including it being an action of a Ukrainian terrorist group. We’re continuing the investigation.

6 August 2016

LITs Lugansk Information Centre


Plotnitsky’s Condition Improves

00 Igor Plotnitsky. Lugansk Peoples Republic. 22.03.15


On Monday, a source in his inner circle told us that LNR Head of State I V Plotnitsky is feeling much better and will soon return to work. On Saturday morning, there was an attempt on Plotnitsky’s life… a bomb exploded near his car and Plotnitsky had to be hospitalised. The head of the LNR MVD media office, Yevgeni Lyubenko, laid out several versions of the incident, including an act of sabotage by a group of junta militants. Our source said:

Igor Venediktovich is all right, he’s preparing to go back to work soon. Perhaps, he’ll show up at Government House today. After the attempt on his life, we tightened security measures at Government House.

8 August 2016

RIA Novosti


8 August 2016. A Picture IS Worth a Thousand Words… THIS is What the Galician Uniate Nationalists Honour… None Dare Call It “Evil”

00 ukraine ss funeral lvov 01 070816


00 ukraine ss funeral lvov 02 070816


These images are of the reburial of five SS collaborators by Galician Uniate nationalists. Show me who a man honours, and I’ll show you the man. If that’s so, it means that the Galician Uniate nationalists are Neo-Nazis who adulate the Nazis of World War II. They fought willingly for the Nazis in the VOV; they fight willingly for the American neoliberal greedsters now. It gives you their measure… dogs willing to rip at their own for their own enrichment. They’re willing to kill their brothers at the behest of foreigners. If that isn’t indecent and disreputable, nothing is.

Both the US Democratic and Republican Parties back these soulless mercenary dogs. Vote accordingly…


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