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Monday, 8 August 2016

8 August 2016. THIS is What You Support If You Back the Democrats or Republicans

00 syria dead russian pilot 080816


There are now few, if any differences between the Dems and the GOP… both are slobbering Uriah Heeps at the service of the Corporatist Establishment. The American people have had it… shall it mean the death of one of the two “major parties?” If so… the remaining partisans of the defunct bloc would easily fold into the survivor, as there’d be little to hinder them. Then, I’d say, watch both the Libertarians and Greens… the Greens are against the Corporatist worldview, and the Libertarians want a more naked oppression by the Affluent Effluent. By the way, the Libertarians are more honest than the average Repug… the Libertarian is inherently and constitutionally selfish and grasping… and doesn’t hide it under any sugar-coating.

If you vote for either Republicans or Democrats, you vote for perpetual war in foreign parts. Chilly Hilly is just more honest about it… Trump uses the buzzword “Terrorism”… he’s just as much for war, for the rest of the GOP want war, even if he doesn’t. If you vote for Hilly or the Chump, you vote for “moderate oppositionists” desecrating the bodies of dead Syrian, Russian, and Iranian soldiers, as in the above image. No, I will NOT “be nice”… you want to spill blood all over the world, but tut smarmily at the rest of us in re morals. Excuse me, whilst I find a corner to be sick in…

Vote GREEN… the ONLY Peace Party…



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