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Monday, 8 August 2016

Hillary Ally Accuses Green Party Standard-Bearer Jill Stein of Being Trump-like Russian Agent

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This is why the HillyBillys are desperate… they can’t get their candidate jumpstarted… but the Greens are off to a good start. Do watch events…


The Clinton campaign’s rush into the comforting arms of McCarthyism to dodge the scandal around the WikiLeaks DNC file dump has now gone completely off the rails. As was first noticed by The Intercept‘s Glenn Greenwald via Twitter… on Saturday, John Aravosis, the editor of the pro-Hillary AMERICAblog and a former colleague of the presidential candidate during his time with the Children’s Defense Fund, penned an attack editorial against Jill Stein alleging that the anti-war Green Party candidate was somehow in league with Russia.

The article begins by noting that she visited Moscow last winter to attend a conference hosted by RT, which Aravosis called “the Russian state propaganda organ” to call for an end to decades-long war and a militaristic policy that favours defence spending over serving the needs of the people. Aravosis said, “Putin himself joined Stein and other attendees for dinner”, calling it a “sign of how much importance Moscow put on the conference”, but, according to Aravosis, not only were both Putin and Stein at the dinner, but they sat at the same table. The plot thickens! From Moscow, no less, says the appalled editor, Stein declared that we “need to rein in US exceptionalism, and totally reform and revise our foreign policy so that it is based on international law, human rights, and diplomacy”. Aravosis claimed, “Making these comments from Moscow, at this time, is rather unconventional, unless you work for Donald Trump”, before reminding us that she spoke “with Red Square as her backdrop”.

Aravosis makes sure that you know that there is clearly something very fishy going on because “according to the video Stein published, Putin agrees with her”. Of course, she said that Putin agreed with her on the idea that our countries must engage in greater dialogue and collaboration to try to resolve security threats constructively and allow better conditions for people of the world, but still in the opinion of Aravosis, Putin agrees with her, so we should condemn her. Before closing the article, he made sure to once again call RT “the Kremlin’s propaganda agency” and reminded us that he’s actively campaigning for Hillary Clinton, saying, “PS: And for any of you feeling the Bern, Stein’s VP thinks Bernie Sanders is a white supremacist capitalist imperialist”.

This is what politics has become in the USA in 2016 after Hillary Clinton opened Pandora’s Box by falsely claiming that Russia was behind the WikiLeaks dump of DNC files in an attempt to obfuscate the fact that the leak provided evidence that she, joined by the DNC and the mainstream media, subverted the Democratic primary election and then took it one step further by having the CIA chief write in the New York Times that Donald Trump is an “unwitting agent” of Vladimir Putin. This is scary.

8 August 2016

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