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Wednesday, 10 August 2016

10 August 2016. Here is What the Unia Truly Thinks of Us… Read n’ Heed, Orthodox People!

00 Uniate billboard ukraine russian orthodox 100816

“The Russian Church is the weapon of the occupiers. A Ukrainian Church for the Ukraine”… This is a Right Sector billboard… the local authorities got antsy and took it down, but it illustrates the true disposition of the Unia, its leaders, its terrorist stooges, and its American and Curial paymasters and puppeteers. No Orthodox Christian can have ANYTHING to do with the Unia, its clergy, or its official doings. If we were to do so, we’d be consorting with open enemies of Christ’s Church…


We have quislings amongst us. Potapov and Paffhausen mingle with the Uniates… their rightwing political pals tell them to… God knows what they truly feel, but their public behaviour is a scandal to all. Vassa Larina and Freddie M-G schmooze with Uniates and stroke them like pets… Vassa is a mercenary (she does so to please her Jesuit paymasters at a Catholic university), whilst Freddie is merely stupid and uncaring (a typical Upper Middle suburban moralist). John Jillions used to work for the Uniates… he willingly took the Pope’s shilling, that gives you his measure. Lyonyo Kishkovsky is a “Paris is worth a mass” sort… he hobnobs with Uniates because his Establishment minders do, and he’s a slobbering obedient running dog of the Affluent Effluent (it allows him entry to all the “right” places).

Have a care… the Unia is a deception designed to fool the simple amongst us. However, most Uniates are blameless… they were born into it, and didn’t choose it, to be fair. Yet, whenever you hear those telling you to kiss up to Uniates, remember this image. It’s what they really think of us. HATE IS HATE… don’t feed it or collaborate with it… we’re Christians; that’s what we do…




10 August 2016. What Lies Behind Western Talk of “Human Rights” and “Democracy”

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You must understand that only Westerners and their sanctioned mascot “minority” groups are real human beings… the rest of us are two-legged cockroaches… to use the Nazi terminology, untermenschtum, “subhumanity”. They denigrate our religions, our cultures, our folkways, and our ways of life. You see, only Westerners have the right to think on their own… all the rest of us are inherently inferior helots, only fit to labour at slave-wages for our Western betters. You see this in three of the US Presidential candidates… Trump, Clinton, and Johnson. Only Jill Stein is for peace and real respect for ALL OF US.

If you want more of the same filth that’s bespattered the West since the time of Slobberin’ Ronnie and Haggie Maggie, vote for Clinton, Trump, or Johnson. If you want someone who’d do their best to clean up the mess left by the last 35 years, you’ll vote for Stein. That’s all that’s on offer… there’s no perfection out there. I rest my case…


10 August 2016. From the Russian Web… TUNA FISH!

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10 August 2016. Knocked Offline Yesterday… Back Online and Feisty as Ever

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00 cat's back hectic few days 020915


Things are never boring… our landlord didn’t pay the property taxes, so, the city foreclosed on the building. No… we still have a place to live… we have to pay the city, not the landlord, for the time being. Besides that, the downstairs tenant is gone, evicted for nonpayment of rent. The cops were here, there was one hell of a ruckus. When the city guy turned off the downstairs tenant’s power, they accidentally knocked out our landline phone and FiOS access. However, the tech came by today and put things right. I’m still here, same bat time, same bat station…


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