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Friday, 12 August 2016

12 August 2016. From the Russian Web… What Do Cats Do When the Humans Go Away For a Spell?

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12 August 2016. Them Reds Ain’t Dead Yet… The Uniate Banning of the KPU Was an Exercise in Weakness and Futility

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The illegitimate pro-Anglo Uniate junta ruling the Ukraine banned the KPU. I’d observe that not only are the commies still at large (there’s no prison big enough to hold ’em all), they haven’t changed their minds. In the past, they were feisty, anti-oligarch, and truly patriotic to the bone. All that the Uniate folderol did was to drive the KPU underground. Now, it’s harder to control and monitor the commies, but the Galician Uniate hillbillies aren’t noted for brains (Galicia is the Dogpatch of Holy Rus… it’s the poorest and least-educated region in the Ukraine)… they’re doglike followers of whatever Western sugar-daddy that throws scraps to them. The American neoliberals wanted to persecute the Reds, and the Uniates went along, even though it wasn’t in their best interests.

After the war ends and the Uniate junta ends up in the shitter, many of the Uniate leadership will end in Rome, Edmonton, Toronto, Chicago, Washington, Bound Brook, and New York… their hate will poison the diaspora. God do spare us and preserve us…


12 August 2016. TRAITOR! What Does that Fact Tell You About Those Who Adulate His Memory?

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Sadly, there are still elements in the diaspora that adulate Vlasov, Krasnov, Kaminsky, and other collaborationist pigs, especially, in the ROCOR. I find it interesting that those who honour Nazi-loving collaborationist dogs self-identify as “conservatives”. It tells you much about neoliberal “conservatives” to know that they accept unrepentant former Nazis (and collaborationists) as allies and friends. It tells you much about their movement, and about its ideology, Weltanschauung, goals, and tactics. Shitbirds of a feather DO flock together. Both do believe in a “Master Race”… and we’re not part of it.

I do wish that the bishops would end the public approval given to the collaborationists (and their descendants) in official Church media and circles. That’d do much to expiate our sin of having coddled them for so many years…


Sixteen Years Ago Today… In Remembrance of the K141 “Kursk” and Her Crew

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On 12 August 2000, an accident in a training exercise in the Barents Sea led to the disaster of the sinking of the PLARK K 141 Kursk, a  Nuclear-powered Cruise Missile Submarine (SSGN/PLARK) of the Project 949A Antei class. The Kursk ended on the seafloor 108 metres below the surface. We remember; we mourn! This was one of the most tragic dates at the beginning of the third millennium. K141 Kursk was laid down in Severodvinsk in 1992, launched in May 1994, and joined the fleet on 30 December 1994. From 1995 to 2000, it was a unit of the Northern Fleet of the Russian Federation. In March 1995, Bishop Ioann, Rector of the Belgorodsky Seminary, blessed the submarine and its crewmen. Then, Vladyki Ioann gave the ship a copy of the 700-year-old icon of the Most Holy Birthgiver of Kursk; he also gave each submariner a small icon of St Nicholas the Wonderworker, to be a protector and intercessor. In 1999, during an operation off Yugoslavia, Kursk covertly surveilled the US Navy warship Theodore Roosevelt, whose planes were bombing Yugoslavia. During this time, Kursk completed five simulated attacks on the Roosevelt, all of which were successful. On 12 August 2000, Kursk took part in exercises, with 24 cruise missiles and a full load of torpedoes onboard. The Kursk tried to launch cruise missiles at a target, but an accident occurred… the sub sank to the ocean floor 108 metres under the surface of the Barents Sea, 175 kilometres from Severomorsk. Captain of the First Rank Lyachin and the entire crew died… in all, there were 118 victims. Later on, the Navy returned the remains of the majority of them to the surface and buried them together. On 26 August 2000, President Putin signed a decree honouring the memory of the crew. On 11 September 2000, one of the mountains in the central Caucasus mountain range received the name “Kursk”… to commemorate the crew of the submarine.

11 August 2016

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