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Friday, 12 August 2016

12 August 2016. Them Reds Ain’t Dead Yet… The Uniate Banning of the KPU Was an Exercise in Weakness and Futility

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The illegitimate pro-Anglo Uniate junta ruling the Ukraine banned the KPU. I’d observe that not only are the commies still at large (there’s no prison big enough to hold ’em all), they haven’t changed their minds. In the past, they were feisty, anti-oligarch, and truly patriotic to the bone. All that the Uniate folderol did was to drive the KPU underground. Now, it’s harder to control and monitor the commies, but the Galician Uniate hillbillies aren’t noted for brains (Galicia is the Dogpatch of Holy Rus… it’s the poorest and least-educated region in the Ukraine)… they’re doglike followers of whatever Western sugar-daddy that throws scraps to them. The American neoliberals wanted to persecute the Reds, and the Uniates went along, even though it wasn’t in their best interests.

After the war ends and the Uniate junta ends up in the shitter, many of the Uniate leadership will end in Rome, Edmonton, Toronto, Chicago, Washington, Bound Brook, and New York… their hate will poison the diaspora. God do spare us and preserve us…


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