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Sunday, 14 August 2016

14 August 2016. A Kind Word on “Morality”

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Jill agrees with us on this… remember, if someone agrees with you on “everything”, they’re either crazy or kissing your ass. If we can agree on what’s in front of us, we can work together. The late great Ed Koch said that… it was true 30 years ago… it’s true now. If you want perfection… you belong either in a rubber room or in a monastery hidden in the hills. ‘Nuff said…


His Holiness said, “The Church respects all human decisions, including those of sexual orientation. We reserve the right to call sin ‘sin'”. The rightwing “conservative” moralists amongst us are wrong and HH is right. The Church doesn’t bar homosexuals from the Mysteries… it communes adulterers and greedy people, who are far worse than homosexuals are… the Apostle called Greed (not homosexuality) the root of many evils. Note well that those who posture on “morality” are soft on warmongers, crapitalism, and capital punishment (historically, the Church preached vigorously against the last). I’ll believe the righties as soon as they preach the full Orthodox message, which includes a scepticism to capitalism (His Holiness calls it a fraud), an opposition to the death penalty reiterated in recent documents (best put by Metropolitan Filaret Vakhromeyev of Minsk), and a firm stance against warmongering in foreign parts. Betcha the righties approve of Republican warmongers because they’re “pro-life”… is that ironic, humorous, or just plain evil?

Oppose the Neoliberal Anti-Life Programme… be it put forth by a Republican, Democrat, or Libertarian. The only American political candidate with a modicum of resemblance to the social vision of the Church as put forth by such legit authorities as Bishop Panteleimon Shatov (the Church’s “tsar” of charity and social services) is Jill Stein. Her pro-choice plank doesn’t negate the 90 percent of her platform that agrees with our views on society, the state, the economy, and the environment. We aren’t and can’t be single-issue voters. If you do that, you become a victim of Satan’s wiles… he loves to bait his traps with objectively good things.

There’s no perfect political faction this side of the veil. If you want to be in step with HH and what he believes, VOTE GREEN. After all, he sent birthday greetings to Comrade Fidel, not “conservative” filth like Ted Cruz or Pence of Indiana. Reflect on it and get with the programme. If you’re Christ’s Partisan, you’ll vote Green and nothing else.

It IS in our hands



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