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Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Putin: “You Actually Believe US Elections Are Democratic?”

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Putin pulls no punches and tells it like it is; this interview, done before WikiLeaks released hacked emails proving the DNC colluded illegally with the Clinton campaign, proves the straight-talking Russian leader knew exactly what type of dirty tricks to expect from the Clinton team. Make no mistake, the Clinton campaign is intentionally attempting to deflect the public’s attention away from the Clinton/DNC joint effort to usurp the will of American voters and rig the Democratic nomination in favour of Establishment candidate Clinton. In his response, Putin, one-step ahead, pre-emptively swatted aside Clinton’s attempted smear campaign:

I said in passing that Trump is a colourful candidate. Do you not find him to be so? I do. I didn’t ascribe any other characteristics to him. However, what I did note and what I most certainly welcome is that Mr Trump said that he wants to restore relations with Russia. What’s bad about that? We all welcome this. Do you not? However, we don’t interfere in to the internal political processes of other countries, especially the USA! We’ll work with whatever individual that the American people vote for. As a side note, America tries to teach everybody else how to live with lessons on “Democracy”… but do you actually believe that the US elections are democratic? Twice in US history there was a President elected that had the most votes from [electors], but backed by [less than a majority of the] voters. Is that your Democracy? When we try to discuss this with our (US) colleagues… the key word is “discuss”, not criticise… they say, “This is how we do it; mind your own business”. Then, why do you interfere in our business? Sort out your own issues first. I agree that the US election really isn’t our business… despite the fact that there are reports of prosecuting attorneys shooing away international observers from US polling stations. However, these are your own internal issues to sort out. … Anyway, we don’t back anyone… it isn’t our business. Whomever the American people elect is whom we’ll continue to work with. Here’s to hoping that this individual will want to improve relations with Russia and to help build a more secure world.

The entire soundbite transcript and vid are here.

10 August 2016




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