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Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Could Deep Dissatisfaction Within the US Political System Lead to a Trump Victory?

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A series of opinion polls released last week show Donald Trump losing to Hillary Clinton in several key swing states, and nearly one-fifth of registered Republicans say that they want him to drop out of the presidential race. According to Dr Jack Rasmus, professor of political economy at St Mary’s College (author of Systemic Fragility in the Global Economy):

The primary reason behind Trump’s evident decline in popularity is that the corporate media deliberately attacks him. They take things out of context, they interpret them in their articles, and then, their talking heads try to make them sound more dramatic and extreme than they may be. Of course, Trump plays into that. He doesn’t anticipate that that’s what’s going to happen, so he contributes to that to some extent, but the media is on a full-court press to show that Trump is incompetent. You shouldn’t trust polls, as they don’t accurately predict actual voting results. As for the rivalry between Trump and Clinton, much will depend on public TV debates in the key swing states, where many voters have discontent over economic issues. What happens on economic issues, which the debates in the swing states will determine, is really what it’s all about.

Loud & Clear producer Walter Smolarek agreed:

The situation may change, as many in the USA aren’t falling for the media’s attempts to demonise Trump; they’re aware that many of those prominent public voices are in the pocket of the pro-corporate wing of the Democratic Party. Yet, Clinton’s current polling numbers are so high now that we do have to conclude that Hillary Clinton has a very sizable lead over Donald Trump.

Rasmus suggested:

The Republican Party’s split could play into the hands of Trump, as his message that the two-party system is corrupt has been a part of his appeal from the beginning.

According to Anoa Changa, part-time volunteer staff with Brand New Congress and host of the weekly progressive talk show The Way with Anoa:

The Democratic Party base is rising up because it feels that it’s imperative to make sure that this country digs in and holds to progressive values. However, discontent among Democrats has grown, as people are tired of the lesser of two evils” argument.

Rasmus concluded:

I don’t think the leads in either party really understand how deep and how significant the disaffection is in large groups within the American electorate. I think they’re underestimating it… I don’t think the polls are picking this up.

17 August 2016

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