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Saturday, 20 August 2016

20 August 2016. Beware All Those Who Shout “TROLL” At Every Turn

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I made this in a religious context, but it works for politics, too… beware all those who shout “TROLL!”


One of the funniest things that I’ve noticed whenever I’ve engaged self-described “Liberals” or “Progressives” is that they accuse me of being a Republican Troll. I kid you not! Me… a Labour Leftist… a Socialist… a proud RED. Of course, I don’t share their POV or categories… so, QED, I’m “a Republican Troll”. Beware all those who shout TROLL… just because someone disagrees with you, it doesn’t make them a troll. It’s what sets my teeth on edge about all-too-many “Liberals” and “Progressives”… they’re as bad as the Trump Chumps are… they’re just the other side of a rotten coin.

There ARE trolls… but they’re relatively rare… have a care with the term…



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