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Saturday, 20 August 2016

20 August 2016. Have a Care With Self-Described “Greens”

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I intend to vote for Jill Stein in November. I believe that she’s the best out of the four major candidates on offer. However, most “Greens” set my teeth on edge. I find them pedantic, conformist, and intolerant of anyone with any misgivings about their movement. I ran an experiment… to be frank, I expected that those who call themselves “liberals” and “progressives” would be less than appreciative of any criticism of their movement (even criticism without negativity). To say that my expectations were correct is an understatement. I shall speak frankly… too many Greens march in lockstep… all too many are conformists (not to the Corporate Model, to be sure, but still conformists).

One of the major lacks in the Green Platform is that it’s clear that there’s been little (if any) input from white working-class people. I believe that most white working-class people reject Greens because of their stridency. Also, for “Liberals” and “Progressives”, we’re to blame for everything that’s happened to their “minority mascots”. Mind you, I intend to vote for Stein… objectively, she’s the best candidate. However, I remember a Green throwing water on me when I used to smoke (I was outdoors)… I remember their smarmy and self-serving outburst. I fear that Dr Jill may lose this November because her followers are too often pigheaded, judgemental, and intolerant. This is what I see from my vantage point…

I’d like to see a change… but there won’t be one until Jill Stein engages ALL of us as equals (and not as objects)… just sayin’…



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