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Saturday, 3 September 2016

Yuri Norshteyn: On My Image of My Grandfather Leib

00 Yuri Norshtein. My Grandfather Leib. 1970s

My Grandfather Leib

Yuri Norshteyn



This picture didn’t just happen through my clicking the shutter… life made it. By the time of the picture, my grandpa had survived the death of his two eldest sons. One committed suicide when he was 48; the other, my father, died in his 51st year. The youngest, Uncle Iosif, didn’t live to see 50. Grandfather was a brave soldier; he fought in the First World War, winning three soldier’s crosses. Looking at this picture, I remembered the old self-portrait of Rembrandt, the one that he made after the death of his son Titus. His smile reflects the sadness of the world… how it comes to all those who suffer; how, as a result, he knows the true meaning of it all…

 2 September 2016

Искусство СССP Soviet Art



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