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Sunday, 4 September 2016

4 September 2016. THIS is Why the Patriots WILL Win in Novorossiya

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I met with Mariya Katasonova in Donetsk… she’s an assistant to a Deputy in the RF Gosduma and standing for election for her own Gosduma seat. On top of that, she’s a Donbass patriot, she fights against the fascists, and she opposes Washington’s lackeys in the in the Ukraine. Why, she’s just a beautiful girl and a good person!

Aleksei Zhuravko


Aleksei Zhuravko is a “Disabled Person of the First Class”… but that sure hasn’t slowed him down. He was a Peoples Deputy in the pre-coup Rada and he’s now one of the leading lights in the fight against the American-backed Uniate nationalist terrorists. With people like that on our side, how can we lose?


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