Voices from Russia

Tuesday, 6 September 2016

6 September 2016. Remember Christian Assyria…



If you vote for Chilly Hilly, Trump the Chump, or Scary Gary, you thrust a knife full-force into the backs of the Assyrians. All those named support the Israeli/US-fomented insurgency against President Assad. The only peace candidate is Dr Jill. Vote for her if you love the Assyrians and wish to see them thrive… that’s the only sane option on offer…

There must not be a second Assyrian Genocide… the first happened at the same time that the Ottomans were murdering the Armenians… NEVER forget… NEVER forgive… don’t vote for those who’d either enable or watch the killing. It IS in your hands…



6 September 2016. It’s Time for the “Silent Hunt!”



It’s time for the “silent hunt”… that’s what people in Eastern Europe and Russia call the search for mushrooms in the autumn forest. Everybody has their “secret spots” hidden from all others… as you can see, hoo boy, the haul is humongous. Just about everybody dries most of them for the winter. As for me, I’m partial to gribi (mushrooms) any way that I can get them… I’m not picky… get yer grubbies on and get on out there!


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