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Wednesday, 7 September 2016

The Voice of the Wounded Donbass




As you know, I’m now in the Donbass… a region torn apart by the Ukrainian Civil War. Some of you have heard about the war here. Most of you haven’t. Those that heard about it from the Western media heard that the evil Vlad Putin attacked these poor people… Russia invaded the Ukraine. However, all the people reporting about Russian troops are very far away from here; they haven’t provided any factual evidence of any so-called Russian aggression. Therefore, I, a person born with no legs and one arm, a former advocate for disabled people in the Ukraine, came here, and on my little cart that I use to move around, actually dared to talk to locals and hear their stories (don’t be surprised if I get banned by Facebook for showing this truth).

I already published a photo and history of the Donetsk family of Oleg Bakhorovsky; the Ukrainian “heroes” robbed him of everything… his house, his wife, his child. I ask you to spend just 4 minutes and watch this video about a man who lost his beautiful young wife, who is left with a young disabled child because of Ukrainian shelling. Killing and maiming are the only content of the “democracy” that the Ukraine and its Western backers are bringing to the Donbass. Sometimes, it seems that this struggle is hopeless… but if the world knows… if the world learns the truth of what’s going on here… we can end this war! We can end the suffering of the peaceful and hardworking people here! Therefore, I ask you, friends, please don’t look away. Please, listen to this man’s story. Please, hear it! Please, share this video. Please, help me and others like me get the Truth out to the world! We inserted English subtitles so that you can share this video with people around the world, so that they can learn the truth about what’s happening in my beloved Ukraine. They must hear his words to understand what grief the Ukraine gives to its own citizens!

I never thought that I’d ever see war with my own eyes. All my life, I lived in a peaceful and happy country. However, it seems that, overnight, an unseen evil, one we thought was gone for good, seized, and destroyed my country. Here, you have very strange feelings. It’s as if you’re living in a movie or in a dream. The mind refuses to accept that the destruction that all of us can see can occur in reality in the Europe of the 21st century… I want to wake up. However, the “dream” doesn’t pass; the “movie” just gets sadder. I believe that the more people know the truth, the more difficult it’ll be for the bloody ghouls in Kiev to hide their crimes against their own people. If that happens, the sooner this crazy and terrible civil war will end!

6 September 2016

Aleksei Zhuravko



7 September 2016. We CAN Do It



It CAN be done. In a four-way race, one only needs about 30 percent to be “first past the post”… that’s all one needs to win. That’s why this year is a wildcard election… no one knows what’ll happen. Remember, in 1860, there was a four-way election… the fringe third-party candidate won… ABRAHAM LINCOLN. Reflect on that if you will. Dr Jill does have a chance… this is a social-media election… it isn’t a mass media election, that’s passé, especially, TV. Any one of the four has a chance…


7 September 2016. From the Russian Web… I AM Going to Sit Here Until You Get My Dinner…



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