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Saturday, 10 September 2016

Poroshenko Leads the Ukraine to Destruction… The War in the Donbass Drags On

00 Bloody Pyotr. P A Poroshenko. 01.07.14


P A Poroshenko’s statement before the Verkhovnaya Rada, the “President’s Address to Parliament”, didn’t have any constructive content nor any sign that the situation in the Ukraine would stabilise. The only thing that one can say with confidence is that Poroshenko’s leadership would continue the process of devastation in the country. From his message, I concluded that Poroshenko is leading the country towards ruin. I’d call everything that he offered in his annual programme a canard… it’s all corruption and deception. He really doesn’t understand what he says. I’m sure that the Kiev authorities don’t have any plans for a peaceful settlement in the Donbass. This was very noticeable from Poroshenko’s speech. I can tell you one thing, the war in the Donbass will continue; they won’t implement the Minsk agreement. On the first and second of September, there was no shooting, but after that, the shooting resumed. The words of Poroshenko that he loves the Donbass, that he loves its people, that he loves the Ukraine… one can only say that one can’t trust Poroshenko. He’s the puppet of the USA. If you look at his latest message, [the USA] really runs the country.

In spite of the fact that Poroshenko admitted that the Ukraine lost 15 billion USD (971.62 billion Roubles. 100.45 billion Renminbi. 1.004 trillion INR. 19.6 billion CAD. 19.9 billion AUD. 13.36 billion Euros. 11.31 billion UK Pounds) from breaking ties with Russia, he didn’t draw the necessary and appropriate conclusions. Poroshenko doesn’t seem to know that to save the Ukraine he has to restore these links, primarily, economic coöperation. He should emulate Erdoğan, who very well understood what he had to do in re the Russian Federation, but Poroshenko doesn’t appear to be in a hurry. Therefore, he said “a” instead of “b”… he hit Russia with new accusations of “assault” and “aggression”. His “foreign partners” control Poroshenko. That’s why he does all these things and betrays us. He acts like a sick man. According to him, who ruined everything? Of course, it was Russia. However, why has Russia imposed sanctions? Poroshenko didn’t explain why this all happened. If you look at all of his statement, he acknowledged that he’s a fool, a fool indeed, and once again a fool.

In the Donbass, everyone knows the aggressive ambitions of Poroshenko. The people and the governments in the LNR and DNR understand that the Ukrainian plans and peace are incompatible. Despite all the difficulties facing the Peoples Republics, they’re ready to repel any aggression from Kiev.

9 September 2016

Aleksei Zhuravko



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