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Saturday, 24 September 2016

24 September 2016. A Thought from Bob Marley




24 September 2016. Dr Jill: Cut Ties With Terror-Supporting States



That would mean that the USA would have to cut ties with (or at least seriously cut back ties) the KSA, the Persian Gulf kleptocracies, Honduras, Israel, and the Ukraine. That’s what Dr Jill’s statement means… it’s a meaty reflection…


24 September 2016. Keep It Simple… This is What’s at Stake This November



This is what’s at stake this November. That is all…


24 September 2016. This is What “Make America Great Again” Means



If you agree with “Make America Great Again”, you have no shred of decency, humanity, or true religion. Such people want to whitewash things as the Anglo Genocide of the Natives (to steal their land and resources) and the A-Bombing of Hiroshima (just to see if their latest toy worked). You see, America is an especially moral place… I need to find a corner to be sick in… such hubristical mendacity turns my stomach…

“Conservatism” is the main sign of moral rot, mental instability, and societal paresis… beware it at every turn. By the way, its ethos is profoundly Antichristian… do have a care, the times are evil and moral charlatans such as Trump, Clinton, and Johnson are afoot…


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