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Sunday, 2 October 2016

2 October 2016. It IS a “Small World After All”



The image is from the famous Artek pioneer camp in the Crimea, which is now being put back to rights after 25 years of neglect and theft by “Ukrainian” nationalist elements. Why do we need wars? Why, to enrich the backers of Chilly Hilly, Trump the Chump, and Scary Gary! We need to funnel more money into the pockets of the rich! The poor babies don’t have enough.

Let’s keep it focused… a vote for any of the three abovementioned candidates is a vote for EVIL… objective and absolute EVIL. Clinton is the gold standard of evil,  but the two others aren’t far behind her. You can make a difference… vote for Dr Jill on Election Day. You CAN vote for objective good. God wills it…



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