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Sunday, 2 October 2016

2 October 2016. The Warriors of Light… WHY DO THEY STEAL?






Aleksei Zhuravko posted this a year ago and reposted it today. The Galician Uniate nationalists are nothing but thieves, outlaws, and thugs, as these images prove. The sooner the US-backed junta falls, the better it’ll be for normal people in the Ukraine. Remember… most Galicians aren’t nationalists… Galicia has the highest draft-evasion rates in Banderstan! However, the nationalists are evil and relentless… when the junta falls and the Ukraine collapses, they’ll come to the USA and Canada and poison the diaspora. God do help us…


Yay! Victory! Ukrainian warriors of light are on their way home from the front! Of course, they have entire convoys filled with loot… look at the furniture and doors! Galicia… meet your heroes with their new doors! Wait a second… didn’t they tell us that these heroes fought the Buryats, Kadyrovites, and the Pskov Airborne? Then, why did these guys steal doors from the Donbass? Of course, it’s weird… I understand that Buryats live far away and are incomprehensible to our people, but to go thousands of kilometres to steal doors is something unusual… maybe, the Ukrainian army secretly conducted raids in Rostov Oblast and stole doors from there? Why don’t we know about these heroic actions of our soldiers? Or… of course, this is completely absurd…. maybe, the doors and furniture in these lorries belong to Donbass locals, i.e. Ukrainian citizens, with whom our warriors out there fought!? You know, like so much else, this saddens, but it doesn’t provoke anger! Here, Ukrainians, here are your warriors of light… they’re THIEVES AND LOOTERS! They steal everything… they even take doors off their hinges! How do you think the Donbass greeted such soldiers? With bread and salt? In the Donbass, the Ukraine behaves like an occupying army, so, naturally, they treat the people as occupied enemies!

You don’t believe me? They made these photos in broad daylight… that is, nobody’s ashamed of their theft. Therefore, robbery and looting are par for the course! You know, maybe I’m naïve, but I continue to believe in that the majority of Ukrainian soldiers on the frontlines don’t know the truth; they really believe that they’re fighting for their country. I believe that many at the front are decent guys. I urge you not to implement inhumane orders! Otherwise, when this government falls, we’ll show no mercy to those in these images… the more of these photos, the sooner it’ll happen; I’m talking to you, I promise you, we’ll try them for crimes against the Ukrainian people! In the meantime, scum, I hope these doors hit you every time you open them! Because that’s nothing but brazen theft… to steal doors… you’ve guaranteed opening the door to Hell!

With respect to real Patriots, with disdain for the people in the photos,

Aleksei Zhuravko

2 October 2016

Aleksei Zhuravko



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