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Sunday, 9 October 2016

9 October 2016. Hey, Vets! Vote For a Fellow Vet… Not Gutless Cowards Who Refused to Serve!



Look at the loud neoliberal war-pigs on the Repug, Dem, and Libertarian tickets… gee, ain’t it interesting that none of them served in the forces? All of ’em are gutless wonders who “had better things to do” than to serve their country (that’s what that rat Cheney said in rare moment of candour). Their shills are just as cowardly… loudmouths like Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Bill O’Reilly, and Rod Dreher refused to serve, too. They had “better things to do”, too, no doubt. Vets! Vote for a fellow vet who was willing to put his life on the line, not warmongering chicken-hawks who refused to serve their country.

VOTE GREEN… for only a vet knows what the horror of war is and only a vet has the guts and grit needed to stop future conflicts.




9 October 2016. Vote for a Man Who Served His Country… Not Bullshitters Who Raped It



All of the presidential/veep candidates were cowards who refused to serve their country in the forces except for one… Ajamu Baraka, Jill Stein’s running mate. He served in Vietnam with the US Army. If you’re a true patriot, you’ll vote for a man who served his country, not for punks who refused to serve and who raped this country, to boot. If there was ever a no-brainer… this is certainly that. VOTE GREEN FOR PEACE…


9 October 2016. From the Russian Net… Nobody’s Looking…



This little guy is all over the RuNet, although I think that the original image is from Japan…


9 October 2016. Friday Was VVP’s Birthday!



Friday was Vladimir Vladimirovich’s 64th birthday! He’s two years older than I am… so, I’m well aware that he’s thinking of the future and of who’s going to carry on after he retires (or dies). The smart word has it that D O Rogozin, the Deputy Chairman of the Government and head of the defence industry apparat is the leading candidate. Dmitri Olegovich is a nationalist, a socialist, and a patriot… what’s not to like in any of that? He’s also anti-American to the core and a determined foe of the hegemonist aggressors in Washington. The future looks good for the Rodina, in that respect…

Like all Russians, VVP keeps cats. Our saying is, “A house isn’t a home unless it has a cat in it”. In the above image, VVP shows the truth of that adage…



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