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Sunday, 9 October 2016

9 October 2016. Friday Was VVP’s Birthday!



Friday was Vladimir Vladimirovich’s 64th birthday! He’s two years older than I am… so, I’m well aware that he’s thinking of the future and of who’s going to carry on after he retires (or dies). The smart word has it that D O Rogozin, the Deputy Chairman of the Government and head of the defence industry apparat is the leading candidate. Dmitri Olegovich is a nationalist, a socialist, and a patriot… what’s not to like in any of that? He’s also anti-American to the core and a determined foe of the hegemonist aggressors in Washington. The future looks good for the Rodina, in that respect…

Like all Russians, VVP keeps cats. Our saying is, “A house isn’t a home unless it has a cat in it”. In the above image, VVP shows the truth of that adage…




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