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Monday, 10 October 2016

10 October 2016. Damick of the “12 Things” Blog is a Busy Little Weasel

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All too many of the wolves are clergy… many, konvertsy ordained far too soon, without proper seasoning or vetting. Have a care…


I received this from a correspondent… there’s not an idle word in it:

Recently, on 2 October, Fr Andrew became an Archpriest. His episcopal enabler appears to AOCANA Bishop Thomas. They seem to be on very good terms. Bishop Thomas often visits the parish in Emmaus PA where Damick serves. I think that Fr Andrew is a bit full of himself, though I must say he seems sincere and devoted to his faith. In addition, Damick knows how to manipulate news and PR… including about himself… several newspapers covered his elevation, complete with photos, the day following.

The main reason I tell you all this has to do with tithing. I heard some things about Fr Andrew that I found upsetting… not the topics mentioned, but Damick’s manner and closed-minded attitude. What I heard is that Damick insisted that NOTHING was up for discussion… it was all very Stalinist. Damick ranted about how “some of the younger priests” are of the opinion it’s time to give up fundraisers, and to force everybody to tithe. Damick arrogantly cut off anyone’s desire to talk about tradition, culture, community relationships, and other things that are part of the various fundraisers. Damick told his interlocutors to stop being “so negative” and so “pessimistic”… after being told that many barely get by on their incomes; people are struggling. Damick was very hostile and didn’t project his usual buoyant image.

Alarms went off in my mind. This kind of authoritarianism regarding ideas, with nothing up for examination and discussion, is frightening. I see a lot more people leaving the Church if they force tithing (instead of fundraising events) on the parishes. I’m beginning to see a larger movement taking place. Damick is shilling his ideas to other clergy in other jurisdictions. By the way, Damick published another “12 Things” list the next day on his blog. Damick’s snotty instructions for church behaviour now appear in some parish bulletins.  Yes, these are perilous times we face, with the leadership not seemingly the sort we need.

Damick isn’t alone… there’s Freddy M-G, Rod Dreher, John Whiteford, the whole Gillquist crowd, Josiah Trenham, Jesse Dominick, Elijah Borek… just to name a few. Orthodoxy isn’t a form of Mormonism with a liturgy (for that is what the konvertsy seem to want). Remember this… if we don’t squelch them now, they’ll end by denying the chalice not only to non-tithers, but also to all those who disagree with their juvenile rightwing greedster notions. Be especially wary of “pro-lifers”… they tend to support violent rightwing candidates who favour warmongering in foreign parts, attacking labour rights, and shredding the social safety net… to favour the rich, of course… but they’re PRO-LIFE. So Christian of them, isn’t it? Remember this… such “clergy” argued for the death of Our Lord Christ. He was upsetting their little scam… after all, He did upset the tables of the merchants in the Temple… who were pals of Joseph Caiaphas and the other priests, no doubt (I wonder how much of a kickback the priests charged the merchants). Oh, yes… Joseph Caiaphas enforced the tithe… I thought that you’d like to know that.

We do live in perilous times… have a care, for many of the wolves wear riassas and bleat, “Lord, Lord”. I seem to recall that Our Lord warned us of such sorts, didn’t He?



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10 October 2016. Have a Care With Seemingly “Official” Orthodox Sources

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THIS is what our Holy Patriarch teaches about the so-called “Free Market”… it sure isn’t what the rightwing konvertsy spout, is it?


Live every day as if it could be your last, and when you go to bed, don’t forget to say your prayers. I do, because I know we’re living in the proverbial “interesting times”…

Russell Bonner Bentley

callsign “Texas” in the DNR Army

People should have a care with pravoslavie.ru… this website is NOT official; it has no ties to any patriarchal publishing or news organisation. It isn’t an official production of OVTsOS. It purveys the personal opinions of Tikhon Shevkunov (don’t forget… his degree is in film production, NOT theology), not the official stance of the Church. The site employs questionable people such as Jesse Dominick and Elijah Borek… it posts material from CBN (!) and produces posts praising the pro-American “Ukrainian Orthodox” and ignores the Orthodox socialism of the Peoples Republics in the Donbass. Indeed, the site praises Free Market Crapitalism, in direct contrast to the teaching of HH… who teaches that the Free Market is a fraud and buries ordinary working people. A priest in good standing and of some seniority told me about Borek:

I blocked Elijah Borek months ago. He’s an ass who thinks he knows more than anyone about Holy Orthodoxy. He continually argued with me that the Most Holy Theotokos and Ever-Virgin Mary was NOT sinless. I finally had enough of his arrogance and blocked him.

This is the sort of questionable person that Shevkunov is gathering about him. You should take great care in using ANY material from pravoslavie.ru or pravmir.ru. I repeat… neither one is an official website. There’s much in them that isn’t in step with the Mind of the Church; it’s just rightwing blather. As “Texas” said, “We’re living in the proverbial ‘interesting times’”… have a care, for many deceivers come in “Christian” vesture (yes, even seemingly “Orthodox” vesture at that)…

One last thing… pravoslavie.ru doesn’t tell about the foreign leftist volunteers who’ve come to fight in the Donbass with the patriot forces who embrace Holy Orthodoxy because the Orthodox Socialism of the Peoples Republics is so attractive and genuine. “Texas” is one… Alfonso from Colombia is another… there are more… you can embrace Real Orthodoxy and godly communalism and coöperation or you can embrace rightwing Pseudo-Orthodoxy and godless individualism and greed. You may have Christ or “Conservatism”…

The Choice IS yours…


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