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Monday, 10 October 2016

10 October 2016. Konvertsy Brat Sets Himself Up as Judge of All Orthodox… Posts “12 Things the Normal Orthodox Christian is Doing”

Unknown Artist. The Last Judgement. Church of the Mother of God 'of Kazan'. Togliatti RF. 2001

Damick sets himself up as the judge of all Orthodox. My question is, “Which bishop blessed this, which bishop cleared this, and which bishop authorised its publication?” I do daresay that the answer is “NONE”. If you needed proof that the konvertsy are disobedient self-centred toddlers, this is that. Christ is my Judge… not Andrew Damick.


A konvertsy brat named Andrew Damick set himself up as judge of all other Orthodox Christians. This poseur posted 12 Things the Normal Orthodox Christian is DoingThis is Evangelical rubbish. He doesn’t speak for Orthodoxy. He speaks for himself. According to his lights, most Orthodox don’t “measure up”. What rubbish. He has no warrant or blessing to post such. One of the things that this Evangelical halfbake posted as “normal Orthodoxy” is that Orthodox TITHE. That’s arrant nonsense. Orthodoxy has NEVER taught tithing. That’s an Evangelical conceit… the Church has never advised that we automatically give 10 percent of our income to the Church. This proves that most ex-Evangelicals never leave their poisonous and heretical past behind, so we must exercise extreme caution in ordaining any such men.

I fear that we’ve ordained former Evangelicals without giving them proper “seasoning”. I’d say that such sorts should be in the Church at least ten years before we can even think of admitting them to seminary, let alone ordaining them. As the Damick case shows, to forgo that means that we ordain men with an Antichristian Evangelical orientation, who lack a real Orthodox heart. Anyone who advocates tithing is not speaking the Mind of the Church. Our forebears didn’t “tithe”… yet, the Church had enough. What these Evangelical shits don’t tell you is that they refuse the chalice to those who don’t live up to their idiosyncratic unchurchly notions. That’s why I’d never go knowingly to a KKK (Krazy Konvert Konventicle). The situation facing us is dangerous… if we don’t act, we’ll lose our Church to ignorant and violent Evangelical yahoos with a liturgical itch.

Have a care, the times are bad; much evil comes wrapped in “Christian” vesture… do notice that these loopy sorts recommend that people vote for Republican greedsters. That, in itself, shows how out of step with the Church that they are… after all, HH doesn’t hang around with godless Republican or Libertarian slime (nor with their neoliberal Democrat partners-in-crime, either)… I seem to recall that he sent Comrade Fidel birthday greetings. Be in harmony with HH and the REAL Church, not with Evangelical poseurs like Damick (and those like him, such as Elijah Borek). NONE of us has the right to write off and judge others as he did. NONE. Keep it focused and keep it sweet… we’re Christians; that’s what we do.



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